Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Models For 2009 - A Brief News From BMW

BMW has always been an important symbol of class and honor. Since launching its first model, all cars have always been known for their performance, design and appearance. Featured with world class features and provide strong competition from other automakers, all models of BMW cars in the series has four wheels lover crazy when it comes to choosing or buying a BMW.

For years, BMW has introduced the best-designed many models of cars that the decision to choose a model among the different series BMW has always been a daunting task. If you're new BMW you will certainly be more difficult because it can be difficult to choose between all the different models. For now, BMW produces the 3 Series 5 Series 1 Series 7 and SUV (letter X) and two-seat roadster (letter Z). Each series has its own specificity. However, there are few new models for 2009, which should increase your passion for driving cars these elegant new design, including:

BMW X6 - The BMW X6 is a sports supplement and agile BMW X family Although the side view shows the elegant proportions of a BMW coupe, the roof is leaking again at break point back in a smooth curve. On the other hand, the interior has an active lifestyle, where all the details of functional solutions are designed to the highest standards. Top with choice of different materials such as Alcantara or optional leather trim interior, the interior offers a wide range of combinations of high quality. It is BMW's first SUV is equipped with only automatic transmission.

BMW X6 has a gearbox changing tide eight-speed automatic with steering wheel integrated into the steering wheel. To a great V8 Twin Turbo is capable enough to develop the production of 300 kW (407 hp) from its displacement of 4.4 liters and delivering 600 Nm as low as 1750 rpm.

Speaking of performance, this new model has steering that can help to bend. He has an amazing agility to change the system CPD pair without problems. His body control is excellent, and at high speeds, the X6 feels very stable.

BMW Z4 - The new BMW Z4 is equipped with a folding metal hard-top and extended classical proportions of the hood. Its interior has been carefully designed to meet the needs of driving comfort and safety. With the brand new center console asymmetrically control elements around the pipe of the vehicle will send you the ease and elegance every time you drive. In addition, the interaction between the external characteristics of contours at all surprising that captures the personality of this vehicle from the grid quality with the wheel arches dominant at the back.

Under the hood is incredibly long spoon BMW 304bhp 3.0-liter twin-turbo. It is powerful and capable enough to provide a maximum torque between 1,300 and 5,000 rpm which makes this model more rapid and very sensitive. It also has six gas cylinders that provide the ideal combination of weight and power and the dynamic equilibrium.

Another specialty about BMW Z4 is the dynamic control that allows the driver to adjust the throttle response and management support with optional adaptive suspension M Sport - damper settings.

Speaking of security, this new model is specifically designed network of suspension, engine management systems, brakes and tires that are specially designed to maintain in good condition BMW Z4 on track, even in the most demanding situations. BMW Z4 is a much more comfortable cruising.

BMW 316d ES - The introduction of a new model in the BMW 3 Series 316d ES is the latest model to exploit the patented technology of BMW Efficient Dynamics. With a strain of modest power, this new model will provide a good balance between performance and environmental friendliness. The car really shines with its 52.3 miles per gallon efficiency, which gives an advantage over other models. The car has four-cylinder diesel and can reach up to 116 horsepower with 192 lb-ft of torque. Billed as the most effective BMW 3-Series ever, the IS 316d is only 118g/km of CO2 and manual transmission has six speeds. Beyond that, top speed 125 mph at the time and 0-62 mph is a shade of 11 seconds.

While each of these new models is more than one vehicle condition. If you want to own one, be prepared to pay for this situation and luxury. They are well made and vehicles, but also to choose the BMW, do not forget to buy an extended warranty that BMW can help you costly repairs that may be required when the manufacturer's warranty expires.
All cars BMW has been one of the models of luxury cars the most recognized worldwide. Now, with the introduction of new models can expect better performance with the latest generation.

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  1. I like BMW M5 because it has dual-clutch ,eight-speed auto transmission system.